Custom Tuning

Dinometer, tuning software, horsepower

When it comes to the custom tuning of your vehicle, T&M Mobile Service is your solution. Whether you wish to tune your light or heavy vehicle, we have the tools and mechanical expertise to give your engine the detailed attention it deserves, in order to help it run the way you deserve. 

At T&M, we offer custom tuning solutions for just about any vehicle with an engine. Come on by and get your diesel or gas street vehicles, tractors, RVs and more tuned by one of our experienced mechanics, and get the best life possible out of your engine for the long run. 

Utilizing SCT, MADS, HP, Diesel Spec, Calibrated Power, and other top industry standards, T&M believes in using the best possible tools to get your engine uniquely tuned to your needs. These state of the art industry tools assist us in finding the best way to further modify your vehicle for ultimate efficiency and performance. Each vehicle owner has their own special set of wants and needs when it comes to their engine, so T&M Mobile Service is dedicated to using the best tools on the market to give you the best engine use possible.

T&M’s custom tuning helps increase the longevity and quality of your vehicle’s lifespan. When you bring your vehicle to T&M for a custom tuning, you will receive increased fuel mileage, increased horsepower, increased towing ability, and most importantly, increased reliability. When you treat your vehicle’s engine to a custom tune, you prepare your car for the future, ensuring that it has the ability for optimum performance for the long haul.

Whether you want a simple tune up resulting in better mileage, or you have more advanced needs in mind, T&M will give you the customized service you desire for your ride. Bring your vehicle by T&M today for a custom tuning, and reap the rewards of ultimate engine efficiency for years to come.